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Welcome to Los Montesinos

A Guide to Los Montesinos Costa Blanca - Stationed on the northern bank of the Torrevieja salt lagoon on the CV-945 highway, the popular Vega Baja village of Los Montesinos stands proudly in the middle of a square with Benijofar and Formentera to the north, San Miguel towards the south, Torrevieja and Torrelamata towards the west and Almoradi and Orihuela to the east, indicating it truly is properly serviced to a great infrastructure of roads and it is easily accessible to travellers.

The village derives its title from a noble family who once ruled over the local residents 100's of years ago. With reforms put into place by the well known Spanish churchman Cardinal Belluga during the sixteenth century and went on up to the present day, Los Montesinos has continued to develop and its families have gotten more confident in taking care of their own town.

Until as recently as the late 20th Century Los Montesinos was under the administration of the neighbouring town of Almoradi however in ninteen ninety after the original tutelage was finished the village of Los Montesinos turned into a self governing municipality with its dedicated mayor and council.

Los Montesinos even boasts what is believed to have at one time been the most important highway in ancient Spain, namely the Via Augusta, that's considered to be following the path of the Roman built route from the city of Rome to Cadiz and dating back over 2 millenia and being just as critical as Italy's Via Apia and France's Via Domita.

The highway is nowhere near as important nowadays though more impressive is the Nuestra Senora del Pilar church which was constructed in the eighteen eighties and is located in the center of the town. Yet another building from another era is the fairly contemporary though striking Town Hall, featuring its unusual glass doors it's a centerpiece of the charming square where the locals accumulate to meet and greet.  

The affluence of Los Montesinos was once dependent on the harvesting of the citrus fruits and vegetables seen in so abundant in this region. Nonetheless, this farming is right now being pushed into second position by the holiday industry. Auspiciously situated as it finds itself Los Montesinos supplies a pleasant spot for holidaymakers and tourists and a large quanity of the new property is purchased specially for this intent.

Present day tourists will soon discover that pretty much 50 percent of Los Montesinos's drinking places, residential complexes, cafes and retail stores are really modern though they match reasonably with the old, you may possibly have to seek harder to find the characteristically Spanish ones.  

Los Montesinos enjoys its own fairs and fiestas with probably one of the most famous being the Day of Segregation on the 30th July, which celebrates them gaining their independence from Almoradi. Additional important fiestas and carnivals occur in October and November.

Without doubt an excursion to Los Montesinos should not be missed and it could take an entire day to check out all that this village can offer and some detective work to unearth the interesting, historic parts of the town.

Also of Interest - Vega Baja: Alicante's most southerly comarca (district), the Vega Baja has a title which translates to mean "Low Fertile Valley", it is a vital valley for the farming of fresh fruits and vegetables, oranges and lemons especially, as well as this, it has a marvelous shoreline with some quality beaches and very popular holiday resorts. The main city of the Vega Baja is the town of Orihuela whilst the most important of its resorts are probably Guardamar and Torrevieja, where superb sandy beaches are lapped by the vivid, tranquil waters of the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. Additional coast towns and resorts include: Torre de la Horadada, Cabo Roig, Campoamor, Torre la Mata, El Mojon, Playa Flamenca and more minor area, whilst landlocked towns and villages include: Almoradi, Jacarilla, San Miguel, Benferri, Catral, Redovan, Daya Vieja and San Isidro.

In Short - If you are organizing a holiday on the Costa Blanca this year, you should probably contemplate popping along to Los Montesinos  and having a browse around this gorgeous little place. You ought to allow at least 5 or 6 hours for the visit, maybe an entire day if you have the time, considering apart from exploring the many exciting attractions which the village has, you might spend time in the quaint town square and have a drink and a tapas in one the eateries.